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A Message From Immersion

Thank you for attending Immersion Cancer Care Leadership Training. Over the next two days, you will be hearing from experienced cancer ministry pastors, cancer patients and medical professionals to help you understand the need, the vision, and the process to provide hope and encouragement to people living with cancer. When you leave this training, you will be empowered to impact the lives of potentially thousands of people.

Immersion Cancer Care Leadership Training

As pastors and/or church leaders, and/or faith-based community organizations, you already understand the heart of Christ is to minister to those who are suffering. What you will gain during this training is the practical knowledge and tools to minister specifically to those whose lives have been touched by cancer. Cancer carries a weight of fear and despair like no other medical diagnosis, and being able to lift that burden and offer hope and comfort to those affected by it is one of the greatest acts of love that Christians can offer.


Leadership Training Objectives

  1. Immerse you in an emotional, spiritual, and relational experience centered around cancer care ministry.

  2. Inform you about cancer’s nature, impact, and treatment.

  3. Equip you with the tools and techniques to begin effective cancer ministries in your churches and communities. 

  4. Inspire you to begin a cancer care ministry.

Items You Will Need For The Training

  • Laptop or Tablet 

  • Note Paper

  • A Great Attitude

  • Pen & Paper


Please download the following files:

Saturday Training held on 9/30/2023

Revised Attendee Binder - 9/30/2023 

The Meaning of Hope  


Physical Effects of Cancer 9-30-2023

The Rope of Hope

Cancer Ministers Self Advocacy Training

Cancer Care Training - Part 2-  9-30-2023

Immersion Workbook For Participants

Immersion Leadership Training Guide 

Resource Materials

Leaders Checklist For Getting Started

Card For Bedside Visits

Risk Reduction

Coming Lessons:

Lesson 1: Helpful Internet Resources;       

Lesson 1: Questions People Ask About Cancer

Lesson 1: Spiritual Needs of Cancer Patients        

Lesson 2: Nutrition   

Lesson 2: Naturopathic Information     

Lesson 2 Fighting Cancer With Antioxidants

Lesson 3: Eating Dos and Don'ts

Lesson 3: Emotional Needs of Cancer Patients

Lesson 3: Reducing The Risk of Cancer

Lesson 4: Find Healing Through Forgiveness

Lesson 4: Ministry Resources

Lesson 4: Sleep Facts

Lesson 5: Anxiety and Fear

Lesson 5: Preventing Malnutrition

Lesson 6: Alphabet of Who You Are In Christ

Lesson 6: Offering Support

Lesson 6: Sample Meal Plans for Patients

Lesson 7: Physical Needs of Cancer Patients

Lesson 7: Recipes for Cancer Patients

Lesson 7: Ways To Respond

You will receive additional materials to take home that assist with your role as a leader and provide the curriculum for training ministry workers in your church or community. This binder will also provide you with an overview of those materials.

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